Swim Lessons





**The pool office is on the campus of Lake Brantley High School (adjacent to football stadium & "Blue Gym").

In order to register at other times, call and leave a message, or email You will be contacted for registration.


The Swim America lesson program was developed by the American Swim Coaches Association in order to provide the finest learn-to-swim progression in the world. It is a “technique oriented” and “goal driven” program based on a station teaching method.  There are 10 stations or graduation points designed to reward the child at every phase of the lesson progression.  In addition, we strive to teach proper stroke techniques from the beginning. Our lesson supervisor is on the deck during the lesson program for you to discuss your child’s improvement and to insure the efficient progress of each session. Patriot Aquatics was formed in 1980 and has become one of the premier competitive swimming programs in the state and nation, having developed aquatic athletes to local, state, national, and international prominence. Patriot Aquatics athletes compete year round in USA Swimming sanctioned competitions, as well as for every Seminole County and some Orange County high schools.  Over the years, Patriot Aquatics athletes have earned college scholarships to institutions too numerous to name. The Swim America Lesson program is run both as an adjunct or feeder program to Patriot Aquatics and as a service to the community.

Program Director

The program director for the Patriot Aquatics Swim America Lesson Program is Clay Parnell.  Coach Parnell began his competitive swimming career as an age group swimmer and competed on the national level throughout college. For twenty years Clay has been teaching, coaching, and organizing lesson programs in Seminole County for thousands of children from the age of 16 months and up. Coach Parnell has overall responsibility for the entire Patriot Aquatics instructional and competitive program at the Lake Brantley Aquatic Center.

The Lesson Choices

1.  Group-Children 3 and older who already know how to swim and are comfortable in a group setting. There will be no more than 4 in a group. Average group size is 3-4. Each lesson is 30 minutes in duration.

2.  One on One-For all non-swimmers age 18 months and up, or less proficient swimmers who are not able to work well within a group setting. Each lesson is 15 minutes in duration.

3.   Private-For children and adults who would like private lessons by one of our coaches. These 30-minute lessons are usually scheduled in the afternoon or by appointment. The private lessons are typically for children at least 4 years old or any adult wishing to improve their stroke.

Group Testing

We will test the swimmers on the first day of their lesson in order to put them into the appropriate group. We will typically have 3-4 groups at a time and it is important for each swimmer to remember which group they are placed into so that they will be able to report directly to their coach on each subsequent lesson.

Sessions-Each lesson session includes 8 lessons scheduled Monday through Thursday, for two weeks. 


Session 1: April 3 - 14

Session 2: April 17 - 28

Session 3: May 1 - 12

Session 4: May 15 - 26

One Week Break: May 29 - June 2

Session 5: June 5 - 16

Session 6: June 19 - June 30

Session 7: July 3 - July 14 * No Lessons July 4th, make-up on July 7th

Session 8: July 17 - 28

Session 9: July 31 - 11

Session 10: August 14 - 25

Lesson Times:

1 on 1 Lessons  

               9:00 AM - 12:00 PM*  Sessions 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

               4:00 PM -  7:00 PM*  Sessions 1-10 (ALL)

               * 1 on 1 lessons are schedule every 15 minutes

Group Lessons  AM                  

               9:30 AM - 10:00 AM   Sessions 5 - 9

               10:05 AM - 10:35 AM  Sessions 5 - 9

               10:40 AM - 11:10 AM  Sessions 5 - 9

               11:15 AM - 11:45 AM Sessions 5 - 9

Group Lessons PM                                                      

               5:45 PM - 6:15 PM   Sessions 1-10 (ALL)

               6:20 PM - 6:50 PM   Sessions 1-10 (ALL)

All lessons are held Monday—Thursday for 2 weeks


1 on 1 Lessons: $105/child for a 2 week session

Group Lessons: $69/child for a 2 week session

*Children enrolled in multiple sessions will receive 10% off after their first session


Many times the weather interferes in the running of our lesson program. Please follow this simple guideline. We will always have lessons unless there is a threat of lightning near our facility or it is raining too hard for us to function. Keep in mind that just because it is raining where you live it is probably not raining at our facility and we will have the lesson. Only Patriot Aquatics’ managers can call off the lesson.

MAKE UP—Make up lessons are scheduled ONLY in the event that Patriot Aquatics cancels a lesson. (due to weather or instructor illness)


Swim America (S. A.) instructors are called coaches and are certified to teach by the program director. Patriot Aquatics S.A. Coaches’ training involves over 8 hours of classroom time with study from the S. A. manual, video aided instruction, instruction in CPR for children, and 20-40 hours of actual hands-on training as an assistant to an S. A. certified coach.  In addition, almost all of our coaches were or currently are competitive swimmers with 4-10 years of experience. This swimming background gives them unequaled knowledge of swimming strokes as they themselves have been instructed for years.

Swim America Stations

The S. A. program is based on mastering the skills of competitive swimming strokes in a sequence of stations.  Each station is reviewed daily prior to progressing to the next one.  In that way, we use repetition to thoroughly master each skill of each stroke. At the end of each lesson session, a certificate is given noting which of the 10 stations have been learned.

The Patriot Aquatics Swim Team

Once a child has progressed to stations 7-10, they may be ready for the swim team! They may start on either the Summer Swim League, or the year 'round swim team. Summer Swim League practice is offered two days a week for one hour each day. During this practice, swimmers are overseen by a coach who begins teaching where the lessons left off.  The child will increase their endurance and proficiency in the water, learn the four competitive strokes, as well as starts, turns, and the rules of competing.  We also offer a series of development meets during the spring and summer culminating in a Championship in August!

Parental involvement-  We welcome all parents to watch and enjoy the lessons but ask that you do not interfere by sitting at the edge of the pool, and/or talking to your child.  Please direct questions to the lesson supervisor. Please have your child arrive at their scheduled lesson on time so that they do not miss or distract from other children in the group. Always be encouraging and positive toward your child.

One on One Lessons- Please recognize that almost all non swimming children in our 1-on-1 lesson will cry, some more than others.  This is typically out of fear or an unfamiliarity with the surroundings or the coach and not from the mistreatment of the child.

Schedule Changes

Please be sure to schedule your lesson carefully.  While we will make every attempt to accommodate schedule changes after you have registered, there are NO REFUNDS